Saturday, February 28, 2009

21 weeks - Milestone!

K finally felt baby girl move tonight! We have tried so many times over the past couple of weeks. It is to the point where I have been able to SEE her kicking. But everytime K would come over and try to feel she would stop. So tonight I was sitting at my computer and she was doing some kind of crazy acrobatics in there. She was kicking and punching and rolling all over the place. So I called him over and he put his hand on my belly and she just kept going. He thought it felt like a heartbeat because she was moving soooo much. And then she stopped, like usual. But at least he got to feel her moving before she clammed up!! Yay!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20w4d - It's a...

healthy, active baby GIRL!! I can't believe it. I am so shocked. As are 61% of you poll-takers I imagine! :) I really, truly thought there was a little boy in there. I am so absolutely thrilled that it is a girl, though. I am looking forward to the mother-daughter experience so much.

Baby was fairly cooperative during the ultrasound. The tech called her "stubborn" because she was all curled up (literally with her feet in front of her face). But by the end the tech said that she was a good baby and she was able to get all the shots she needed, and gave us the money shot. Everything is looking great. Baby is still measuring ahead - her head is in the 73rd percentile and her body is in the 80th.

One of the best parts for me was that we were able to see her yawn. A huge, open-mouthed, gaping yawn. And then the u/s tech was able to rewind the u/s so we could watch it again. It was so neat.

Well, here are some pictures of our darling little girl. The first one is of the money shot...pretty clear that she's a she:

Here is her little tiny foot that kicks me all day long:
Baby's profile and one where she has her back turned to us a little and you can see a hand and her leg all bent up:

Here is her little face looking right at us (you know...gotta include the alien shot...):
And last but not least, her squishy little nose and lips:

Well, there is our latest look at our little baby. Our little baby's going to take me a while to get used to calling 'it' a she!

So...after the u/s my mom and I hit the mall while K went back to work. We bought some girly, frilly things just because we could. Here are a couple of the things we got (you can click them to see them better):Overall it was an incredible day. I am so happy to finally have a label for this baby and so excited to meet my daughter!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 weeks - Halfway done!

I can't believe that I am 20 weeks already! The time went by so much faster than I thought it would. First tri was so sloooowwww...but once I hit second tri things really picked up and here I am halfway done with the pregnancy. Here is my 20 week belly picture:And just for fun, here is a bare-belly comparison of where I started (taken at 3 weeks, 4 days) and where I am now (20 weeks):
I'm even wearing the same pants - this time they're just a little more stretched...

I am 4 days away from finding out the sex of the baby (*crosses fingers*) and I am dreaming about it every night. I've had dreams where it's a boy and dreams where it's a girl, so my subconscious seems to have no guesses. I still feel like it's a boy, and looking at my poll over there it seems that most of you readers do, too! We'll see!

My mom comes down on Tuesday so she's here to go with us for the u/s on Wednesday. I'm so excited that she is coming! I wish it was Wednesday already!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

19w2d - Late belly pics

K and I went home this weekend to celebrate my brother's 10th birthday, so I apologize for the late belly pics. Here they are:I had my first comment today from someone who didn't know I was pregnant. A mom of a student I had 2 years ago stopped by my school and I was chatting with her in the office. Then a little while later I was in the hallway and she came up and pointed to my belly and said, "Is that a baby?!" I said yes, and then we joked about how awkward it would have been if I told her, "No, I've just gained some weight." But it is nice to know that people can now recognize my tummy as a baby belly, even if it is because she knew the "old" me to compare.

I've been feeling the baby a lot more the past couple days. I have even felt him/her a few times with my hand. The other night I was in bed and the baby was kicking a lot. I was able to feel it with my hand, so I took K's hand and put it on my tummy. I waited and a minute or two later I felt a good kick that I was sure he would have felt. I turned to look at his face, only to find that he was sound asleep... nice job, K.

Next Wednesday is the big day!! I can't wait to learn about this baby and be able to call it a him or her. He or she. Boy or girl. Last night I had a dream that I had my big u/s, which took all of 2 seconds, and at the end the tech said, "Well, I think it might be a girl but can't tell for sure." I was so frustrated that she wouldn't even go and look again! I sure hope this baby cooperates and we get a good view of the goods! 8 days! Squeeee!

Friday, February 6, 2009

17w6d - Was that you baby?!

Well, first things first. Here is my belly pic for the week:
I am still changing shape and size all day long, but my belly is getting harder and is now still there when I wake up in the morning. The baby has been very active the past couple days. Last night I was sitting on the couch, feeling all kinds of bumps, thumps, and wiggles in there. I had my hand on my belly and felt a little kick from the inside and on the palm of my hand!! I was so excited, so of course K was sitting there and I wanted him to feel it, too. But he had his hand there for a long time and even when I felt the baby moving inside he couldn't feel it outside. There was one time that the baby kicked and he said, "Was that it?!" but where he said he felt it with his hand wasn't the same place that I felt it on the inside, so I'm not convinced he actually felt it. Oh well, we have plenty of time and he'll be able to feel the movements eventually. :)

I haven't shared my "baby is this big" pictures in a while, but this week's is very interesting to me. Week 18 - baby is the size of a sweet potato. may think, "Aww, sweet sweet." But look at the picture they give me for my little sweet potato:I'm sorry, but that's gross. I that hair growing out of the left side? Eew. Next week is a mango. I like that much better, so I think I'll pretend my baby skips the hairy bumpy potato stage and goes straight to a mango.