Saturday, June 27, 2009

38 weeks - No news

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and don't really have any exciting news. As far as I know, I've made no progress. No more contractions than usual. Baby hasn't dropped. She's still just hanging around in there with no intentions to leave I guess.

We did have a shower this week - K's work threw us one. So that was fun. We had a cookout and I got to go in and sit around and chat with everyone. The company got us a $250 gift certificate to an amazing photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn pictures. I'm so excited - what a great gift. I had just been thinking about researching places to do Kate's newborn pictures, so this is perfect.

Well, I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I don't expect much news, but we'll see. For now, here are my 38 week belly pictures:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

37w1d - Full term and Father's Day!

Baby and I made it to full term! Ok, kid, get out now. :) I am so ready for this baby to be here. I love being pregnant, but I want to meet this little girl. Everything is ready and now I just wait...I have a feeling she is quite comfy in there and will be hanging out at least until her due date.

I feel rather huge. Here's me full term:I think it is clear that baby hasn't dropped yet. I can tell because when I sit I can't breathe and I get light-headed. There's always a little baby bum crammed into my lungs.

Today is K's first father's day. I got him a card and Kate had her own message for him:

It says "Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!" :)

Here's a survey that others do every week. I figure I should do it at least once this pregnancy, so here goes:

How far along? 37 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Up 32 pounds, and I haven't gained in the past month so the doc thinks I'm done. I'd be happy with that - my goal was to stay under 40.

Maternity clothes? Um, yeah. Unless I'm wearing stretchy pj pants and a t-shirt.

Stretch marks? None (fingers crossed I can make it these last couple weeks without any!)

Sleep: Meh. I get up anywhere from 1-5 times to pee and am REALLY tired of sleeping on my side.

Best moment this week: Being full-term! And having my family feel babe hiccup. I have to deal with it 3 times a day, but they thought it was cute.

Movement: She still moves a lot and it is getting a bit painful. Especially when she pushes out on both sides at the same time.

Food cravings: I haven't really had any through the whole pregnancy...which has been nice and saved K from trooping out to get me food. :)

Gender: Sweet little girl.

Labor Signs: I've been having some contractions and they are getting a little more uncomfortable, but they come sporadically throughout the day, so I don't think they're doing anything.

Belly Button in or out? Out, has been for a while now.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back and stomach. Bending over to pick stuff up.

What I am looking forward to: This baby coming! Anytime now, please!

Milestones: I am pretty sure I have hit every milestone there is except my due date and actually having the baby.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

35w5d - Doctor's update

I went to the doc yesterday and had my Strep B test done (I'll find out the results at next week's appointment). She also did an internal and said she could definitely feel baby's head. My cervix is softening and I'm a fingertip dilated. Woohoo! At least I know my body is doing something. I've had a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes they get pretty regular (every 9 minutes, each lasting over a minute). And I seem to get one everytime I stand up.

Today I have 9 days until I'm full term, 30 days until my due date. I'm so ready to have this baby. So is K. He has said a few times now, "I'm ready for her to get out of there so I can meet her." Our to-do list is getting shorter. We got the carseat installed. From here on out my car will be the baby car, K's car will be the dog car. Unless of course we all need to go somewhere...then we'll have to see if everyone fits in my car. :) My to-do for next week is to get my hospital bag packed so it is ready and waiting. Exciting!

I added a new poll so you can make your guess about Kate's arrival time. Go vote!

Here is my belly pic for this week:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

35w - Nursery is done!

Good news and bad news for this week. Let's start with the bad news.... I got hit by a car. Yes, folks, that's right - somehow someone did not see my size-of-a-house self and tried to run me over. I had just unloaded my cart at the grocery store. A lady zipped into the spot next to me, so I waited with my cart. I started to walk behind her car to put my cart away and she decides to back out. So she backs up and hits me and my cart. If she hadn't heard the car hit the cart (which made quite a noise) I don't think she would have stopped and would have just run me down. So she slams on the breaks and pulls back into the spot. I moved from behind her car and then stood there for a second making sure all my parts still worked. She didn't get out, didn't make eye contact, nothing. Just sat in her car. By this point I was crying, so I got back in my car and called my husband. The lady just went into the store like nothing had happened. Wtf. Not nice. Baby and I were both physically fine, but I was shaky and freaked out the rest of the day. Oy.

Ok, onto the good news: we finished the nursery! Woohoo! Here are some pictures...

This is the nursery as a whole:

Crib and dresser:
The crib:
Changing table, glider, and all her books:
Her drawers are fully stocked:
So is her closet...this little girl has an awful lot to wear!
And last is my belly for this week:
I'm 35 weeks this week, only 2 more to go until I'm full term. I feel so lucky - I'm still fairly comfortable, happy, and love being pregnant. Hopefully it continues to go this well until this little girl decides to make her grand debut. :)