Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a slacker at the blogging...

So there's lots to catch up on....

We had Kate's 4 month doc appt and it went really well. She is 16lb 3oz and 25.25 in. That puts her in the 90th percentile for both. Big healthy girl! She had been pretty fussy for a couple weeks and the doc seemed to think it was reflux related. Due to her being so active (legs kicking, arms swinging) she was aggravating her reflux, which was making her cranky. We made a small change to her medicine which we're hoping will help, and so far seems to be.

The fussiness was really getting to be a problem. There were a couple weeks where she was so miserable all the time and wasn't napping during the day. It was rough. I finally figured out that she had reached the point where she is able to self-soothe for naps and bedtime and she didn't want to be rocked/walked anymore. She still cries when I put her down for a nap, but she'll only cry 2-3 minutes as opposed to screaming for half an hour and then not napping at all. That and the med change seem to have made a huge difference and she has been really great the past week or so. She's been so sweet and happy and playful.

We had her first Halloween, in which she was an adorable little cow. We are eagerly looking forward to Thanksgiving, at which time I think we will be giving her her first real food!

Here are some new things she's been doing:
- rolling over, tummy to back
- giggling more (I found out she likes when I "buzz" at her like the sound the dryer makes when it's done)
- looking when we say her name
- watching the dogs play
- reaching, grabbing, and shoving everything she gets her hands on into her mouth
- getting pretty good at sitting up with support

I haven't written in a while because I've been spending my days soaking up my little girl. She is so amazing. Here are some things I love and never want to forget:

- The way she lays in bed talking to the butterflies on her bumper in the morning
- The grin I get when I go in to get her from her crib
- How when I pick her up she opens her mouth wide like she's going to eat me up and grabs onto my neck with both hands, burying her face in my chest
- The silly games she plays while she's nursing... she makes funny faces and hides her face in my shirt in between eating
- When something startles her and she looks to me to see if she is supposed to be scared or not...then when I say it's ok and I smile, she grins back like I've just rescued her.
- The way she plays shy and then gives flirty eyes to strangers when we're out
- The pouty lip she gives when she's thinking about crying
- The way she looks so serious when her daddy is flying her around the house playing superbaby...she flies like it's her job
- The way she shakes her toys like it's the greatest thing she's ever done
- How she LOVES when I smell her stinky feet and make faces at her
- The way she reaches out to take my hand and hold it when she's nursing
- The way she arches her back and bends all funky to sleep at night
- The way she looks at me sometimes like she's trying to say something and then gives up and just smiles instead
- The way K goes in to check on her at night and comes out of her room saying, "She's the cutest thing ever."