Saturday, May 23, 2009

33 w - Just pictures.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

32w3d - Pictures!!

Alright, I am very late with my belly pictures and everything, I know. It was a busy weekend. First let me tell you what happened at school last week.... my class had a tour of the school they will be going to next year and when we got back to our building, I was telling them to go ahead and use the restroom, get drinks, and meet me back in the classroom. My principal came out and said she would take them down because I had a message in the office. So I go in and the secretary hands me a note that says the moms of one of my students called and that she sounded pretty upset. So I try and call her back and don't get an answer and decide to try again when my kids go to recess. I head back to my room and when I walk in, all my kids are lined up with about 6 of the parents and my principal and they yell: "Surprise!"

They were throwing me a surprise baby shower! Now get this: my class of 18 first graders had known about it, helped plan it, and been making projects for it for over 3 weeks and not a single one of them slipped and said anything to me! And that morning they had all brought presents in and either took them down to the office or left them tucked in their backpacks. I was so shocked that they got away with all that! Apparently every time I had a doctor's appointment and was gone they would have the sub work on things for shower. They made a class book with helpful baby advice (which is the cutest thing ever). They each made a burp cloth with their handprint and name on it. Oh, it was all just so wonderful! Here are some more pictures from the shower:

Saturday was my baby shower at my mom's house. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to see people that I haven't seen in a while. Some of them I haven't seen since I've been pregnant, or at least wasn't showing yet and so I got a couple of belly rubs accompanied by, "It really is true! You're having a baby!" Um, yes. :) Here are just a couple pictures from that shower:

Here are my belly pictures for 32 weeks:

Today K and I had a doctor's appointment and our growth ultrasound to see how big Kate is. You ready for this? My chunker is already 5 lbs 6 oz! She's in the 86th percentile. The doc said that she still only thinks she'll be 7-8 pounds at birth, though. So that is acceptable. :) Everything is looking great - she is still a she and we got a new crotch shot to prove it. She is head-down already (which could change, but I hope not). The large mass that has been pushing into my ribs these past couple days is her little butt. She's really filled out - she has very chubby cheeks. We got to see her in 3d a little bit, but she wasn't very cooperative. We did get to see her little hands, all curled up with her fingers moving. And she was putting her fingers in her mouth and moving her lips all around. She's a cutie! Here are the newest pics, including one of the 3d ones:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

30w5d - WOOHOO

Things I am excited about:

1. The hospital where we will deliver. In going to our labor and delivery classes we have learned a lot about the policies of the hospital where we will deliver. Here is a short list of reasons I am so glad we chose the hospital we did:

  • Whirlpool tubs to labor in.
  • I will labor and deliver in the same room - no moving to a separate delivery room (unless of course I need a c-section, then I head to the OR)
  • In the case of needing a c-section, the labor and delivery floor has their own OR, as well as their own recovery wing. So I would not be rooming with a hip replacement.
  • They have the babies "room in" with the parents. Instead of taking the baby to the nursery, the baby stays in the room with the parents full-time so that I can breastfeed and we can start to learn about our new little person.
  • After Kate is born, she will be put on my chest and will remain there while they do her APGAR's and most other assessments. I can breastfeed right away if she is interested.
  • When I am moved to post-partum recovery, K will have his own bed in my room so he can stay overnight with me.
  • All babies are protected by an electronic "anti-theft" system. Kinda like a prison ankle bracelet.
2. Today. I had a prenatal massage, lunch with K, and a doctor's visit.
  • My prenatal massage was awesome. Felt good, massage therapist was nice, all around good time.
  • Lunch with K at Panera = awesome.
  • Doctor's appointment full of good news. Weight gain is right on track (I was pleasantly surprised). Bloodpressure (both at the office and the record I've been keeping) got a good review.
  • Cervix is closed and bag of waters in tact (I got checked because of the number of contractions I've been having as well as some suspicious fluids...)
  • Kate's heartrate was good, happy baby. We get to see her via u/s at our next appointment in 2 weeks!!
3. Continued baby-prepping progress.
  • Travel System:

  • Glider:

And, lastly I have my belly pics a couple days early.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

30 weeks!

I can't believe we only have 2 months left until this little one arrives! She (well...the pregnancy) has kept me on my toes these last two weeks. I've been having the school nurse monitor my bloodpressure like my doctor asked. The first reading was 132/74 - which was fine, I was happy. Then it went downhill. :( My top numbers were 150, 142, 150. So I called the doc and left the numbers with the nurse. I still haven't actually talked to the doctor, but my numbers did go back down to the 130's the following two days. I have an appointment on Thursday, so I plan on just taking my little log with me and showing her all the readings so she can decide if it's ok or not.

Then Thursday night I had contractions (again). This time they were every 3 minutes for an hour. I lay down and drank water like I have heard to do, and they did stop. They weren't painful at all, just tight. It was interesting.

I had my work shower yesterday, which was a lot of fun. It was nice to have everyone together after school (most of them drinking...I enjoyed my lemonade). I also got some great things. We got our swing! I love it, it's so soft and cute. I can't wait to put Kate in it. We also got our monitors, my boppy, some fun toys, and a hooded towel/washcloth set with a bathtime rinse cup. I'm so excited. :)

Here is a picture of the swing (which Kurt and I put together that night). It's in her room right now, but will eventually be in the family room:

And here are my belly pictures for 30 weeks:

Kate has been moving like crazy still. It's to the point now where she'll stick out a foot/elbow/knee and I can actually grab it and feel it. Sometimes I can even figure out what it is. It's very surreal and so much fun!