Thursday, April 23, 2009

28w5d - Hee Hee Hooooo

Well, yesterday I had my 28 week doctor appointment. It went really well! I was nervous because I had to do my gestational diabetes test...and we all know how I feel about bloodwork. But I guzzled the sugary crap down and had my blood drawn without a problem. I find out in a few days if I passed, which I'm praying I do because the 3-hour test sounds like my worst nightmare. I ate extra cookies today just in case. :) The rest of the doctor's appointment went well, too. I'm measuring right at 29 weeks, weight gain is "perfect, right on track", and baby's heartbeat sounded good. I did have a high blood pressure reading, though (surprise surprise). 164/ which the doc said, "Those numbers don't even go together...." Oh well, leave it to me to have a funky BP reading. So my homework was to have the school nurse take it a few times a week and keep an eye on it, since the doc and I both thought it was probably just nerves.

After my appointment I did some shopping, and then K and I wend to dinner and had our first labor and delivery class. It was a lot better than I was expecting (especially for being free!) We got a whole folder of information and spent the first class talking about signs of preterm labor and how to prepare for the hospital stay. We also got to look at most of the monitors and instruments used in labor and delivery - K was impressed that I already knew what most of them were and how they worked. I was excited to find out that we do our hospital pre-registration and L&D tour as part of the class. That is less stuff that we have to coordinate on our own. We have 4 classes left and I am really looking forward to them.

Kate has been doing well - kicking a ton and making me lose my breath when she climbs up towards my ribs. Only 11 more weeks left!!

Belly pics for the week:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

28w - Belly pictures

Not much to update this week, just the belly pictures.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

27w3d - Nursery Progress!

Here are nursery pictures, as promised! (You can click on them to make them bigger).

Here is what the nursery looked like before:

Step One: Clear out ugly furniture so we can see ugly carpet.

Step Two: Rip out ugly carpet.

Step Three: Have nice, new carpet installed.

Step Four: Put in new, pretty nursery furniture.

In the picture above, the open space between the window and the closet is being reserved for the glider, which we don't have yet. I can't wait to get the bedding and all the little stuff to put in the nursery. As it is now I keep going in there and looking at the crib and everything and just trying to imagine that in 3 short months there will be a little baby in there. I also love to look in the closet, where I have a few little outfits hanging. It is all so surreal and exciting!

Friday, April 10, 2009

26w6d - Big Weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend! It's going to be busy at my house this weekend. K's mom and dad are coming down tomorrow and staying through Monday. K and his dad are going to be moving all the furniture out of our three bedrooms and ripping out our old, nasty carpet. On Monday we are having new, pretty carpet installed. Yay! Sometime this weekend we will be picking up our nursery furniture, and after the carpet is installed we will get the furniture into the nursery and set up. Yay! We also got a new king-size mattress for our bedroom. It has been delivered already and is in the garage waiting to be moved in after the carpet is installed. Yay! I'm very excited. I already took the "before" pictures of the nursery, so be ready for before and after pictures in one of my next posts!!

Not much new with Kate. She's growing. I read today that if she were born now she would have greater than a 90% chance at surviving. That is just incredible to me. She is still so tiny (just about 2 pounds). However, I don't plan on letting her out for at least another 10 weeks, hopefully closer to 13 weeks! Eeek - 13 weeks! Where has the time gone??

Here's my belly this week:Yes, that tiny bump in the middle is my belly button sticking out. :( I keep threatening to duct tape it down and it keeps coming further and further out anyway.

Anyway, here's me with a head:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

26w - Belly Pictures & Video

Not much new since last week. We signed up for labor and delivery classes. It's a 5 week course that starts April 19th. I'm also considering signing up for a breastfeeding clinic, and there is a new dad's course that K can go to.

Here are my belly pics for this week, taken 25w6d:

Here is a view from the front. I have a very faint linea nigra starting (the vertical line running down from my belly button):

And lastly, I have another video of Kate kicking. This one is a little more obvious than the last one. I had just eaten a bowl of pineapple that really got her moving.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

25w4d - That's my girl!

One of my baby updates that I get said that K might be able to hear Kate's heartbeat just by putting an ear to my belly.  So last night before bed we decided to try.  He's laying there with his head on my tummy and Kate kicked him right in the face.  That's mama's girl!

Oh, and he did say that he thought he could hear it, but it was really faint.  :)