Saturday, January 31, 2009

17w - Belly pic

Well, here is my belly pic for this week (taken yesterday):
I always know it is time to take a new picture when my class comes in and more than one student tells me I grew. I look bigger in that picture, though, than I feel like I really am. I am doing well with weight gain so far. As of my doc's appointment this week I have gained 5.5 pounds total. Not bad! I've been worried about weight gain because I'm not the best about choosing healthy snacks. I will pick a chocolate chip cookie over a granola bar anyday. I have been snacking on bananas and yogurt, though. I do the best I can....I just sometimes feel the need for some icecream. Or cupcakes. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16w4d - Doctor's appointment

I had a doctor's appointment today. Everything is looking good, heard bean's heartbeat at 152 bpm. I didn't pass out when they drew blood, and thank the sweet Lord I don't have to have my blood drawn again until 28 weeks.

My next appointment is February 25th and it's my big u/s!! I can't wait!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

16w1d - Nursery

I have been looking a lot at nursery things for the past couple weeks and I think I finally have a good idea of what our nursery is going to look like. We would like to do get gender neutral bedding so that it can possibly be re-used with future kids. So here is what we are thinking. For furniture, we like the Kalani collection by DaVinci:

For the bedding, I am thinking we will go with 'Enchanted Forest' by Lambs & Ivy:

I like it because it is super cute, and also has a lot of colors that we could work with. It leaves a lot of options for wall colors and mix-and-match items that we may want to get. Right now the room that will be used for the nursery (short-term until we move) is a sage green color, a little lighter than the bottom wall color in the above picture. I think it will all look great together.

On another note, bean has been moving a ton today. I have not felt the baby much since those first few days that I felt the nudges. Today, however, he/she has been moving all over the place. At one point today I had a coughing fit and every time I would cough the baby would kick back. Sorry for disturbing you, bean!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

16w - Picture of the baby

In my post a couple weeks ago about telling my class, I mentioned one little girl in particular who was absolutely grossed out at the thought of a baby being in my belly. Well, she has finally stopped making disgusted faces at me so I thought she was getting comfortable with the idea of the baby being in there. Yesterday, she comes up and hands me this:

She says, "Mrs. F, I made this for you. It's your baby." I said, "Thank you, R! How nice. my baby crying?" She says, "Yeah." So I asked her why and she said, "She just REALLY wants to get out of your belly!!"

This picture is now hanging on our refrigerator next to the u/s pictures.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

15w3d - We have a nudger!

I now know what it is like to be poked from the inside. Baby bean has been in there giving me little nudges every now and then and it is the most amazing feeling! It is so surprising at first because it comes out of nowhere. But then once it sinks in that it was the baby it is the most wonderful feeling! I can't wait until these little flutters and nudges become even more frequent and strong.

I haven't been in to work since last Wednesday because of a snow day, inservice day, and Martin Luther King, Jr. day. When I got there and the kids saw me they all said, "Mrs. F! Your tummy got bigger!!" You be the judge:

Other than that I don't have too much to update. Baby is the size of a navel orange this week and is now covered in hair. The picture in my book makes it look like a little monkey. I can't figure out if that is cute or creepy. Either way, I'm so excited to have him/her safely growing in there!

Monday, January 12, 2009

14w2d - 14 week belly pics

Well, there you have it. 14 weeks, 2 days today and my belly is about the same as last week (I think). The bottom of the bulge is starting to get hard. Poor K - in the middle of making dinner a few days ago I said, "Honey! Come feel my uterus!" He just looked at me like....I'm cookin' here. "No, really, come feel my uterus! It feels so weird!" He was a good sport, came over and felt my hard little lump and then went back to what he was doing.

I got some exciting news today. Two things actually:

1) My mom is going to try and get off work to come down and go to our big u/s with us!! It is hard living far away from my parents, especially now that I am pregnant and want to share everything with them. So I am very happy that (hopefully) my mom will get to come and enjoy the ultrasound with us.

2) The results of my NT scan were negative. This means there are no indications of Downs Syndrome or Trisomy 18 in Bean! This scan was basically to help us decide if we wanted to do any other more invasive testing, such as an amnio. Now that we got good news from the NT scan, and barring any bad news from here on out, we can rule out any elective testing. Yay!

Everything is going really well. I have been feeling tons better lately and am even getting some energy back. K and I got the whole house cleaned up yesterday - that hasn't happened since I found out I was pregnant! It is satisfying to sit in a perfectly clean home.

Now I have to make it through 3 more days of teaching and 1 inservice day before I get a nice 3-day weekend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

13w3d - Told my class yesterday...

So after another teacher in the building said something about my growing tummy in front of my whole class, I decided I better tell them the news before someone else did. (Luckily they didn't figure out why the other teacher was talking about me getting bigger). Towards the end of the day I decided to play hangman with them. We started out with our spelling words and then for the last one I did the word "baby". I told them that it was not a spelling word, it was a surprise that I was going to tell them about. So they figured out the word and just stared at me blankly. I said, "Why do you think I might have picked the word baby?" And they started guessing things like..."Because Christmas just passed and Jesus was a baby...." and "Babies are born for New Year's..." I said, "Actually, someone you know is going to be having a baby." It took them a few guesses (that included "your cousin!" "my mom!" and "the principal!") but they finally said, "YOU!!!" They were all very excited and one of my little boys said, "But you're skinny!" just like my brother did when he found out! They asked a lot of questions about it being a boy or a girl, what we would name it, and started giving name suggestions - Oscar, Tony Hawk, and Jiggles being my favorites. But they let me off the hook by not asking any hard-to-answer questions.

Well...I guess the kiddos went home to think about me being pregnant and came back this morning with some interesting questions and comments. Here are some that I remember:

"Mrs. F, I saw this thing on tv once about this baby with two heads. Do you think your baby will have two heads?"

"We know that we can't make fun of you for getting fat. That's just what happens."

Random point in the day - E: "Can I feel it?" Me: "Feel what?" She comes over and puts her hand on my stomach. "Ooh, I feel the baby!"

"Mrs. F, if you are going to have a baby, why aren't you fat yet?" this comment was followed by "Well, her tummy is a little chubby."

"So...when the baby is born, can we keep it as a class pet??"

Aah, kids. I'm glad they're so excited, though. They told all the other classes at lunch and every teacher they passed in the hallway. At one point a kindergartener came up and hugged me and one of my little girls says, "You just hugged the baby in her tummy."

I do have one little girl that is not so enthused. She has never experienced a pregnant lady before, so she was pretty confused when the other kids started talking about my stomach getting bigger. She came up to me later and said, "Mrs., is there really a baby inside your stomach?" I said, "Yes." (not wanting to tell her its not really my stomach...). She puts her hand on my belly, shivers and says, "Gross." All day today, every time she saw me she made a face like she smelled something nasty. Thanks, kid. Glad to know you appreciate the miracle of life. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

13w0d - The guessing game has begun...

K and I have decided to find out the sex of bean. Our big u/s is scheduled for February 25th (day before my mom's birthday!). Here are the guesses we have so far:

Voting Team Blue: Me, K, Kit, Amg, Heather, Tennis. ler4ik, Pink, Maria, Abc

Voting Team Pink: My mom, my godmother, Jessie, Lea, Alma, R'sgirl, Mten, MrsForeste, Elisa, Amber, Mary

Any other people with guesses I need to add? I can't wait to find out who is right!