Tuesday, December 23, 2008

11w3d - So happy!!

Congrats to my BFPB, MrsPink!!! She got her bfp today and I am sooooo happy for her! I have seriously never been so excited for a "stranger" in my life. Woohoo for baby pink!!

For Christmas this year K and I got each other tickets to the Bears/Packers game in Chicago. We went last night and it was quite an adventure. Here are some key facts you should know:
1. It was the coldest Bears game since 1983 - a whopping 7 degrees.
2. We took a train and shuttle to get to the stadium. The train was fine, the shuttle sucked.
3. People are crazy and will knock pregnant ladies around and shove her out of the way to get on the sucky shuttle.
4. Hand warmers in your shoes do not keep your toes from freezing.
5. The Bears ROCK!!!

Overall it was a really great time and I'm glad we went. Bean's first Bears game was a success and I'm sure he/she will be going to many more.

K and I are at our parents' houses for the week. My mom, brother, and sister got to hear Bean on the doppler today. It was nice to be able to share that with them (and to know that he/she is still going strong in there after the game last night). My mom and dad both think that I have a little "pooch", as my mom put it. I still think it's too early, but the bloat is definitely noticeable to others. :) Hopefully I'll have belly pictures or other pictures from Christmas to share soon.

One week and one day until we get to see Bean on u/s again! I can't wait!!


Leannabanna said...

That game was NERVE WRACKING! But great! Bear down! And Yay for Pink!!!! Merry Christmas!

Mrs.Pink said...

Thanks BEE!!

TennisWife815 said...

Tag your it. Check my blog for details!