Thursday, May 7, 2009

30w5d - WOOHOO

Things I am excited about:

1. The hospital where we will deliver. In going to our labor and delivery classes we have learned a lot about the policies of the hospital where we will deliver. Here is a short list of reasons I am so glad we chose the hospital we did:

  • Whirlpool tubs to labor in.
  • I will labor and deliver in the same room - no moving to a separate delivery room (unless of course I need a c-section, then I head to the OR)
  • In the case of needing a c-section, the labor and delivery floor has their own OR, as well as their own recovery wing. So I would not be rooming with a hip replacement.
  • They have the babies "room in" with the parents. Instead of taking the baby to the nursery, the baby stays in the room with the parents full-time so that I can breastfeed and we can start to learn about our new little person.
  • After Kate is born, she will be put on my chest and will remain there while they do her APGAR's and most other assessments. I can breastfeed right away if she is interested.
  • When I am moved to post-partum recovery, K will have his own bed in my room so he can stay overnight with me.
  • All babies are protected by an electronic "anti-theft" system. Kinda like a prison ankle bracelet.
2. Today. I had a prenatal massage, lunch with K, and a doctor's visit.
  • My prenatal massage was awesome. Felt good, massage therapist was nice, all around good time.
  • Lunch with K at Panera = awesome.
  • Doctor's appointment full of good news. Weight gain is right on track (I was pleasantly surprised). Bloodpressure (both at the office and the record I've been keeping) got a good review.
  • Cervix is closed and bag of waters in tact (I got checked because of the number of contractions I've been having as well as some suspicious fluids...)
  • Kate's heartrate was good, happy baby. We get to see her via u/s at our next appointment in 2 weeks!!
3. Continued baby-prepping progress.
  • Travel System:

  • Glider:

And, lastly I have my belly pics a couple days early.


mtendere said...

Well, you've definitely made me jealous since we don't have quite the same facilities at our little small town hospital. I'm glad you'll be comfortable. Enjoy the rest of your preparations!

Leannabanna said...

Ahhh! So exciting. It sounds like we are delivering at very similar hospitals.... mine has the same features, and I love it for that!
As always, your looking great!

Kate said...

Sounds like you found a Baby Friendly Hospital (WHO). Good for you!

I have one available to me, too, and it has relaxed policies on food and drink, IVs, the clothing you wear, and how bright the lights are. Those are things I really appreciate.