Thursday, June 11, 2009

35w5d - Doctor's update

I went to the doc yesterday and had my Strep B test done (I'll find out the results at next week's appointment). She also did an internal and said she could definitely feel baby's head. My cervix is softening and I'm a fingertip dilated. Woohoo! At least I know my body is doing something. I've had a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes they get pretty regular (every 9 minutes, each lasting over a minute). And I seem to get one everytime I stand up.

Today I have 9 days until I'm full term, 30 days until my due date. I'm so ready to have this baby. So is K. He has said a few times now, "I'm ready for her to get out of there so I can meet her." Our to-do list is getting shorter. We got the carseat installed. From here on out my car will be the baby car, K's car will be the dog car. Unless of course we all need to go somewhere...then we'll have to see if everyone fits in my car. :) My to-do for next week is to get my hospital bag packed so it is ready and waiting. Exciting!

I added a new poll so you can make your guess about Kate's arrival time. Go vote!

Here is my belly pic for this week:


Mrs.Andreazza said...

You are in the home stretch and you look great!!! Hang in there :)

Mrs.Pink said...

Looking good! Can't believe how close it is to her being here! Feels like yesterday you got your BFP!!

HP said...

Come on June 21st! Or 28th!

This is for Kate: you have to come on a saturday or sunday. Or a random wednesday or thursday because sometimes I have those days off too. I'm also holding off on any sick days (I'm a great employee) in case you decide to come on a day I told you not to because I'm working.

much love :)