Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 months old!! and a bunch of other stuff

Alright... due to my horrible blogging I have a lot to share about what has been going on in our little world...

First things first... we sold our house! Woohoo! We had it on the market a whopping 2 weeks when a guy from another state came to look at it and put an offer in. Our closing is next Wednesday (the day before my birthday!), so please send good vibes that all goes smoothly and we become homeless that day. :) We will be moving in with K's parents temporarily until we can close on a house of our own. We put an offer on a home that is less than a mile from both of our parents and are still waiting for a final confirmation that our offer is accepted (it had to go through a bank, which is a slloowwww way to buy a house apparently). If everything goes well on the buying end, our closing date on the new house will be April 29th! I'm so excited! However, this means that our house is in utter chaos as we try to pack and get ready to move on out.
Kate celebrated her first Easter. Because of the move we had a low-key day at our house that involved a lot of packing and a trip to the park. And her first Easter basket of course.

Today is Kate's 9 monthday. :) I can hardly believe that my little baby is already 9 months old. Time has gone by (too) quickly.

She is doing so many new things - she amazes me every day. She is eating mostly finger foods, her favorites being peas and toast. We have to be careful with the toast, though, because she enjoys it so much she tries to pack her face full of it all at once. It must be rationed. :)

She has 2 teeth. She got the first one on her 8 monthday and the second one arrived 2 weeks later.

Things she is NOT doing include crawling and walking. :) I feel like she's getting close to crawling, but she still needs to figure out the mechanics of it all. She will walk if holding people's hands and is getting pretty good at standing and will let go for a couple seconds at a time. She's got a ways to go before she is an independent mover, though, and I like it that way.

We are going to have a lot of upcoming excitement and changes in the next few months and I can't wait!


Stacia said...

She looks like such a big girl in that last photo! Good luck with the move!

Leannabanna said...

Aw, Love the post. Lot's of new stuff going on in your life, for sure! Kate is getting so big!

Krysta said...

Hi Kate, I don't know if you remember me asking about your cloth diaper preferences...but I wanted you let you know that we finally made the switch! Your post was pretty much what inspired it, so I wanted to say thanks! We tried a few different kinds but have settled with the BumGenius all-in-one, one sized diapers. I am so happy. I honestly love cloth diapers!! Thanks for the advice :) Ohh and congrats on the house!

Shannon said...

Oh wow, 9 months! I cant believe it. She is so beautiful!

Rachel H. said...

She is SO cute!! :) By the way, stop by my blog to enter in a baby/kid related giveaway! :)