Saturday, March 28, 2009

25w - Furniture ordered!!

I feel like we've finally accomplished something in getting ready for this baby. We ordered our nursery furniture!! We were able to get it on sale and saved $500 over a different set we were going to go with. Here's what we got:

Convertible, drop-side crib that will change from crib to toddler bed to full-size bed.

Dresser that will also be used as a changing table. We ordered it in cherry (the same color as the crib pictured):

And a tall dresser, again in cherry like the crib:

Now K and I have to go look at carpet so we can get that installed before putting the furniture into the nursery. We also still need to get a glider and ottoman. Lots of work!


G & H said...

OMG Its BEAUTFUL!!!! I love it!!! Where'd you get it ?

Anonymous said...

Ooh this is fabulous! Cool Toddler Furniture and decoration ideas

Andrea said...

I love the furniture!!! What brand is it/ where did you get it?

Lindsay said...

I love it!!

Shannon said...

The furniture is great, I love it!