Tuesday, April 14, 2009

27w3d - Nursery Progress!

Here are nursery pictures, as promised! (You can click on them to make them bigger).

Here is what the nursery looked like before:

Step One: Clear out ugly furniture so we can see ugly carpet.

Step Two: Rip out ugly carpet.

Step Three: Have nice, new carpet installed.

Step Four: Put in new, pretty nursery furniture.

In the picture above, the open space between the window and the closet is being reserved for the glider, which we don't have yet. I can't wait to get the bedding and all the little stuff to put in the nursery. As it is now I keep going in there and looking at the crib and everything and just trying to imagine that in 3 short months there will be a little baby in there. I also love to look in the closet, where I have a few little outfits hanging. It is all so surreal and exciting!


Shell said...

It looks great!

Heather Prochnow said...

i LOVE the furniture! that is a beautiful crib :)