Friday, April 10, 2009

26w6d - Big Weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend! It's going to be busy at my house this weekend. K's mom and dad are coming down tomorrow and staying through Monday. K and his dad are going to be moving all the furniture out of our three bedrooms and ripping out our old, nasty carpet. On Monday we are having new, pretty carpet installed. Yay! Sometime this weekend we will be picking up our nursery furniture, and after the carpet is installed we will get the furniture into the nursery and set up. Yay! We also got a new king-size mattress for our bedroom. It has been delivered already and is in the garage waiting to be moved in after the carpet is installed. Yay! I'm very excited. I already took the "before" pictures of the nursery, so be ready for before and after pictures in one of my next posts!!

Not much new with Kate. She's growing. I read today that if she were born now she would have greater than a 90% chance at surviving. That is just incredible to me. She is still so tiny (just about 2 pounds). However, I don't plan on letting her out for at least another 10 weeks, hopefully closer to 13 weeks! Eeek - 13 weeks! Where has the time gone??

Here's my belly this week:Yes, that tiny bump in the middle is my belly button sticking out. :( I keep threatening to duct tape it down and it keeps coming further and further out anyway.

Anyway, here's me with a head:


TennisWife815 said...

You look great! And the time certainly does fly in second tri. Third tri is a whole different story, though Its just starting to drag for me.

Mrs.Pink said...

You look adorable! Busy weekend is right! Have fun. Can't wait to see the pictures of before/after!