Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crunchy mama

Seeing as I didn't have a home birth, am vaccinating my child according to a standard schedule, and have a baby that sleeps in a crib, I am not a totally crunchy mama...but there is growing evidence that I am a somewhat-crunchy mama and I am proud of it. Here are the signs...

1) Breastfeeding. While pregnant I had high hopes of being a breastfeeding mom, but I was well aware that it doesn't always work out. There can be issues with latching, supply, allergies, etc. - not to mention breastfeeding is just plain HARD. For something that is so "natural", it sure does take a lot of work. It hurts. And in the beginning it took so much time that it was overwhelming. Thankfully, things worked out just fine and got easier with time and I have been breastfeeding my baby for over 7 months. She is 21 pounds and full of rolls, which means I must be doing something right. :)

2) Baby-wearing. Whether using a sling, a wrap, or a carrier, I believe that wearing your baby is one of the best things you can do for both mom and child. Not only does it make baby feel like they are being held and snuggled while allowing mom's hands to be free to do a plethora of things, but it is also great exercise. Remember how much I said she weighed in the point above?? Yeah...21 extra pounds can do a lot for the back, abs, and legs while vacuuming the whole house. :) And due to the snuggly factor, it calmed Kate down on many a cranky day.

3) Homemade baby food. Why? Why would you make food when there are so many great (and now organic) choices at the grocery store?? Because it's cheap! And it's easy! And it tastes so much better! And it is HEALTHY! To date I have made: green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, apples and pears. Want the recipes? Ok, here: Steam veggie or fruit. Puree. Freeze in ice cube tray. Ta-da! Don't you feel like a domestic goddess?

4) Cloth diapering. Say WHAT?! Cloth diapers....who? Where? ME! HERE! It's true. I've crossed over to the dark side. Again comes the question - WHY?? Answer: because I am tired of washing poop. I'm sure that was opposite of the answer you expected, so let me explain. My child's butt must be malformed. No matter what brand or size of disposable diaper we put her in, she manages to have multiple blowouts per week. Up-the-back-to-her-armpits blowouts. Which result in me washing her onesie, shirt, pants, changing pad cover...and on a really bad day her socks. While scratching my head for a solution I requested help from some lovely ladies (shout-out to my GP Mamas!) who suggested that I try cloth diapers. Instead of running screaming from the answer I started my research and soon learned they were right. It is the answer I was looking for. Cloth diapers offer a better fit (with an elastic band around the back specially designed for tiny malformed butts) and MUCH easier clean-up that includes a rinse of the poop and tossing the diaper into the washer. No more poopy clothes or unexpected surprises. Plus, cloth diapering is cheaper. A lot cheaper. And my Miss America answer - "It's friendly for Mother Earth." But really...it is. And who doesn't want to be a little bit more environmentally friendly?

So there you have it. Somewhat-crunchy Mama. Now please excuse me while I go put flowers in my hair and dance through a field of wheat. :)


Jocelyn said...

Love it! And love her rolls! SO Cute!

Mitzi G.!! said...

she is a cutie!!

Eclipsed said...

I'm so glad the cloth diapering is going well. I just started making my own baby food and I have to say that it really is easy. Let's go dance barefoot in the dirt together.

Amy said...

i've been teetering with cloth diapers. how long do you plan to use them? can you get sizes large enough for 1 and 2 year olds and into potty training?

i also make my own baby food, and i love it! i can't believe how easy it is and how much money it saves. although i don't do the meats. i refuse to grind up chicken in my blender. do you?

Bee said...

Amy, we got bumgenius one-size cloth diapers that are adjustable so they will fit a newborn through potty-training. So we plan to use them until we're done with diapers all together. And since they are adjustable, we can use the same diapers for Kate and any future kids we may have at the same time.

And no...I haven't attempted meats yet. It freaks me out. :)

Krysta Campbell said...

I have been reading your blog for about 8 months now..I have a baby girl that was born July 24th, so just a few weeks younger than Kate. She is too adorable by the way!! Anyways, I was thinking about switching to cloth diapers and I was just wondering are there any brands you have found that you don't like, or really just any overall suggestions for when I do decide to make the switch?

Bee said...

Hi Krysta! I haven't really tried any other cd's. I knew that I wanted to do a one-size diaper so that I would only have to purchase one set. Then I looked at reviews of diapers and decided to try the bumgenius one-sizes. We ordered a couple to try, loved them, and then ordered our full stash. Here are some websites you might find helpful:



Good luck with your decision - I know it can seem daunting. It really is easier than it seems, though. :)

mrs.g said...

I plan on doing everything you have listed as well. I have a blog award for you back at my blog :)


Stacia said...

Hey! I nominated you for a blog award. :) check my blog!

Anonymous said...

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Kerrie said...

She really is a cutie.

I am curious where you picked up her cute little tshirts that advertise her brilliant age on them. They are adorable. I am expecting in June and would love to capture her month's growth. I actually thought of making my own Tshirts but not sure how much time I'll have on my hands with a newborn!