Thursday, February 18, 2010

Definition of Success

Before becoming a mom my definition of success would have involved big things like careers, homes, and money.

Today, I define success on a day-to-day basis.

Success is making dinner while holding a squirming 7 month old.
Success is getting out of the house dressed for an interview without getting spit-up on at the last minute.
Success is remembering where you left your cell phone.
Success is running a loud household appliance without waking the baby from her nap.
Success is finding time to take a bath instead of a shower.
Success is still being able to find the humor in things at the end of a long day.
Success is getting gas in the car, groceries in the fridge, and having lunch with the husband before the next nap time.
Success is remembering to move the laundry to the dryer.

Success is being able to enjoy the small accomplishments of day-to-day tasks while still looking out for the future.

Next on my to-do list? Moving! Our house goes on the market this week. Let's hope it's another success. :)


Leannabanna said...

Good luck with the move. Our house is going on in April! However, I hope ours sells a little later than yours so we can get together sometime! We'll practically be neighbors!

PS. This blog is so true. Success is 100% a day to day thing!

Mitzi G.!! said...

success/perfection is your picture above......she is gorgeous!!

Krysta Campbell said...

She's too cute! I just learned how to make those headbands, I did a ton of them last night! They are really easy actually kind of fun to make!