Monday, August 3, 2009

First trip home!

I got a call early last week that my grandpa (Papa) fell in his house and split his head open (requiring staples to close it) and broke his pelvis. :( He was in the hospital for a few days and then transferred to a rehab facility where he'll be for at least a month. This all prompted K and I to decide to go up there to see him (and our parents). They all live 3 hours north of us. This was our first trip with Kate, which of course made me nervous just because it was something new. So I started packing 3 days ahead of time and packed up pretty much the whole house. :) We had a full schedule, too.

Friday we left after K got off work. We made it just over halfway and when we stopped for food, Moo decided she was hungry too. So I sat in the back and gave her a bottle. Then she slept the rest of the way. We made great time. When we got home we went over to the neighbors, where my parents were, and Kate got to meet everyone there.

Saturday morning we went over to K's parents' house (our parents live down the street from each other - makes trips home easy). We just hung out for a while.
**Kate and Grandpa F.**

Then we left and went back to my parents and my godmother came down (from Wisconsin) to meet Kate. Moo screamed for most of the time she was there, but my godmother still thought she was pretty cute. :) **Kate with my godmother**

After Kate cried all afternoon, we decided to go ahead and try to take her out to a restaurant for the first time. I thought we were doomed, but it actually went perfectly. I fed her right before we left and she slept the whole time until we got home. Very nice.

Sunday we went back over to K's parents' and Moo got to meet her great-grandma F. Great grandma T. was there, too, and they couldn't get enough of her:
**Kate with her great-grandmas**

Then Kate and I headed out to visit my Papa and Grandma at the rehab place. They ate her up and we all enjoyed our visit.

**Kate and Great Grandpa and Grandma K.**

Sunday evening we head out for home and Kate slept the whole way.
**Lily loving on Kate in the car**

Trip = success

Other news: Kate is 4 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It has been the most incredible 4 weeks - something new every day. I love my little girl more than I could have ever imagined. She makes every day something special. **Woohoo!! I'm 4 weeks old today!!**


Shannon said...

Awww, I love all the pics. Kate is such a doll! Glad you had a nice trip home.

Eclipsed said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip. She's getting so big. Love her!

mtendere said...

Aww... obviously everyone adores her! I'm glad you had such a nice trip.

Mrs.Pink said...

Those pictures with the great-grandparents and family are priceless! Glad to hear the trip went well! 4 weeks... where is time going?! She is cute as ever!

Bcbscorp said...

Awww its great that the trip was a success! Looks like both your families enjoyed meeting Kate!

lady gray said...

i am glad you had such an awesome trip! i hope elliot behaves as well as kate in the car this week... from the 3 trips in it he has had so far, i am not super confident. gah!