Friday, July 31, 2009

What will the mood be...

So my baby who was happy 100% of the time disappeared. For a while there I could never predict what kind of mood she would be in. Some days she cried all day whenever she was awake, then screamed at night right before bed. I *think* that she has been having some tummy aches, though, that are causing her to be cranky. When that happens, she looks like this:

I started her on Mylicon with every feeding (starting last night) and today has been a much better day. She has either been awake and content, or sleeping. We were able to spend some time outside. We had some playmat time. We visited with Uncle Wayne and Aunt Vicki (which she cried about a little bit, but then calmed down). Now we are sitting on the couch and she's sucking away on her paci watching the ceiling fan. I am a happy mama and I have a happy baby. I hope that it is a resolved tummy ache that is making her so happy so that I can look forward to many more happy days.


Eclipsed said...

They can be tricky little buggers can't they? Here's to happy days ahead.