Sunday, August 15, 2010

The end of breastfeeding

When I found out that I was pregnant (and even before then) I knew for certain that I wanted to give breastfeeding a try.  I know all the benefits it has for both mother and child and it was really important to me that I do everything I could to breastfeed for at least a little while.  My ultimate goal was to make it a full year.

My baby is over 13 months old and yesterday I breastfed her for the last time.  It's bittersweet.  I am so ready to have my breasts back and not have to worry about engorgement or pumping if I miss a feeding.  But I truly loved the experience.  We had the normal difficulties at the beginning (soreness, figuring out a schedule, leaking, etc.) but all in all it was a remarkably easy process for both Kate and I.

It is also bittersweet because when feeding her last night I didn't know it would be the last time.  I knew that I was going to end it soon, but it wasn't until bath time tonight that I decided we should start our new routine tonight.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't know... I would have sobbed through the whole thing I think. :)  At least this way I know that our last feeding together was representative of every other night.  She fell asleep at the breast and was sweet as could be.

Tonight she handled our new routine like a champ.  She had a sippy of milk and we read some stories and cuddled.  She is now laying in her bed getting cozy and drifting off to sleep.  Hopefully it will continue to go this well.


lady gray said...

i feel you mama. my last breastfeeding was on Elliot's birthday, and it was the absolute definition of bittersweet.

the good news is, he cuddles more now that he doesn't have built-in breastfeeding cuddle time. so, i'm feeling better about it.

and hey, we each made it past the year mark we hoped for, well done us!

bbjoys said...

Aw, you did such an incredible job, bee. I am very, very proud of your accomplishment! :)

I love BFing, too. Fortunately it has been relatively easy for us, too. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The whole experience is just amazing.

Parag said...

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