Saturday, August 28, 2010


Kate started walking a couple weeks ago and now she is EVERYWHERE.  People kept telling me, "Oh... the longer the wait until she walks the better - then you don't have to chase her around!"  And like most things they warned me about (sleep when the baby sleeps... your dogs won't get half the attention after baby is born that they do now...) I assumed they'd be right.  But ya know what?  They were wrong.  I LOVE that she can walk.  She has so much more independence to do what she wants to do and it is so fun to watch her explore.  She can go outside on the driveway or deck without scraping her knees and getting splinters.  She can wear dresses and not get all caught up in them. 

Walking is fun!!


Mrs.F said...

I love the walking stage too! It's actually easier IMO.

bbjoys said...

Yay, go Kate! :D