Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

There's not much I can say about this day that others haven't yet said.  This was the first world event that gave me pause and truly impacted my life.  I was a junior in high school and home alone while my family was in Florida.  I remember going home after a day of watching it all unfold in my classes, sitting on the family room floor with my tv on and crying.  I was scared for my family who was supposed to fly home that day... scared for the families that had been directly impacted... scared for the country's safety as a whole... and scared for myself and what this all meant for my future.

While September 11th will always be a sad, tragic day for our country, it also serves as a reminder to be thankful for every day that we are given and it resurrects in all of us a pride for our country.

We will never forget.