Saturday, November 15, 2008

6w0d - first appointment

Now that I have finally calmed down from my appointment on Thursday, let me try to explain how horrid it was...

First of all, this was the 'group' appointment, which I was told was a 90 minute informational session on what to expect for the rest of the pregnancy. Well...I got there and checked in and it was me and two other women. The first was a lady who was 12 weeks and just figured out she was pregnant, the other was a nice couple that didn't speak much english and was terrified because her first pregnancy and labor did not go smoothly. So I was already uncomfortable, didn't feel like I related to these other women I was sitting there with. I quickly figured out that this "informational session" was for THEIR information, not mine. I had to fill out my own health history, half of which was in doctor lingo I didn't understand. I also had to chug the orange crap for my glucose test which I was not expecting to get that day.

Anyway, during this session I found out that the doctor's office would not confirm my pregnancy for me through either a urine test or a blood test - they were just taking my word for it. And my first and only u/s would be at 20 weeks. Um...that is unacceptable to me. I was looking forward so much to having confirmation that the bean is really in there and was basically told that I would not be validated at all.

So I leave that session fuming and about to cry and go down to get my bloodwork done. Now, I have to tell you I am not a fan of blood. And I knew they would be taking several vials of blood and was nervous that it would hurt or that I would feel them jiggling it around when they changed the vials. The lady was really nice and did a great job. It didn't hurt at all and I didn't feel any jiggling! I was feeling pretty proud of myself when...oh crap, tunnel vision. The next thing I know several ladies are saying, "Are you ok? Are you ok?" Yep, I passed out. Ridiculous. So then they had to take me over to a bed to lie down until a nurse could come check me out, which made me feel so dumb. I kept saying I was fine, but they insisted I at least lie there for a little while. Thinking I could make myself at least feel a little better I ask one of the lab techs, "Does this happen often?" She says, "Um...I've never seen this happen." Great.

So I finally sulk out of the lab, feeling like a loser, and start crying halway to my car. I'm thinking this day cannot get any worse. Wrong. I didn't realize that the parking garage I was in was a paid lot...and I had NO MONEY. So I get to the gate and this big tough guy says, "2.25" I said, "I don't have any you take a credit card?" He's looking at me like I'm a stuck-up college girl, so I start counting random pennies and nickles I am finding in my car. I'm trying so hard not to cry anymore and my eyes are all watery and my lip starts quivering....nothing scares a big tough man like a crying girl. So he says, "Just go." I peeled out of the lot and cried the whole way home.

On my way home I realized that I had to find a new doctor. It took a bit of searching, but I ended up finding another practice that is covered by my insurance. I called yesterday and spoke with a couple different people from that office and have high hopes that they will be a better fit. They said they'd see me initially at 8 weeks (I go in a little early on Tuesday for my first appointment) and then I would have my first u/s the next appointment, at 12 weeks. Yay! I am so ready to see this little bee! I am hoping and praying that my appointment Tuesday goes better and that K is able to come with me for this one. We'll see how it goes!!


Alma1107 said...

I'm sorry that your first appointment was so horrible. I hope your new doctor works out for you. Good luck Bee!

Mel said...

omg, hon, i would have been a mess, too. no one deserves treatment like that. i'm so glad you found a new practice that will give you the attention you and the little on deserve.
oh, and i have passed out giving blood, too. twice. do tell that lab tech to shove it.

AMG said...

I'm so sorry that your first appointment was terrible! But it's great that you were able to find another doctor. I hope this appointment goes much better. :)

Jessie said...

i am so sorry bee! that is absolutely horrible, glad you found a new doctors office though, hopefully it will all be better from here on out. good luck!

Lindsay said...

Glad you found another practice!!