Monday, November 17, 2008

6w2d - Baby Bee

Apparently I am bad at updating about my baby...I missed the whole "sweet pea" phase of his/her life. But this week I present......a blueberry! Baby Bee will grow to approximately 1/2inch this week. He/she has a regular heartbeat and is growing arms and legs. The picture of baby isn't too frightening to show this week, so here it is!
So far I am still not having much in the way of symptoms. My snotty nose is getting pretty nasty, but I have been sleeping better. My first appointment at the new doctor's office is tomorrow afternoon. K is coming with me to this one and I have high hopes that it will go much better. Even if I don't get an u/s I know that I will get one at 12 weeks and that makes me feel a lot better about things.


Alma1107 said...

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow :]

Leannabanna said...

Good luck today Bee!

Leannabanna said...

I jsut realized that our EDD are exactly one week apart!