Saturday, November 1, 2008

4w0d - Learned something new.

After all the research and learning I did about TTC, I swear I could teach a fertility class. Or at least give some really great pointers to girls that are just starting the process. However, as it turns out, I neglected to research what happens once K and I have actually succeeded at creating life...what comes next? Besides morning sickness and an ever-expanding belly, I don't really know what to expect in the next 9 months. Or, gasp, when the baby actually comes!

Freaking out as I normally do, I decided my plan of action should be to order every pregnancy book I could find on Amazon. Before I checked out, I realized that I was insane and narrowed it down to Your Pregnancy Week by Week and book for K, The Expectant Dad. Well, that was on Monday and it is now Saturday and apparently the good people at Amazon and the USPS do not realize that they are dealing with a hormonal pregnant woman with no patience. So last night I took a little trip to Target where I bought two things. The first, this adorable sleeper:
It was just so tiny! I am so amazed at the size of newborn clothes. I can't believe that in 9 months I will have a little someone who can wear it!

My second purchase was the book Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. I'm actually a little afraid to read it because she is so honest and blunt about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and birth. But I started it today and learned my first something new: runny noses are a pregnancy symptom. Now this may not seem like a big deal to you, but this is the first concrete thing that I can say, "I have that!" Since Monday I have had the worst runny nose accompanied by a searing sore throat. It's been driving me crazy and I couldn't figure out my own dumb luck to get pregnant and sick in the same week. Well ta-da! Mystery solved - poppyseed is already making me sick. :)

Speaking of poppyseed...that is the size of our baby this week!
I subscribed to a weekly newsletter based on the progress of my pregnancy. It also sends me a picture of poppyseed, but I will spare you that one. It's pretty freaky. Next week it gets freakier - I showed K and he said, "Oh my god, it grew a tail!"

Oh poppyseed, we love you... even if you have a tail. :)


mtendere said...

Good luck with the runny nose. I think once this process begins, you never stop learning! I know I'll be the same way when my turn comes.

Shannon said...

I love DH's comment about the tail, too funny!

Grant Newlyweds said...

Belly laughs is HILARIOUS!!! Love it!