Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1w1d - Little Moo

So I call my darling girl "Little Moo" because she's basically like a baby cow. Which, yes, makes me the mother cow. Let me tell you how my Little Moo has been eating...

Everything I have read about breastfeeding says that the baby should eat for 10-15 minutes on each side, stopping to burp in between. Well, from day one my kid did not like to wake up to eat. So switching her in the middle meant taking her off one boob, only to have a sleeping baby with no interest in eating on the other side. So we switched tactics - I decided to do the one boob per feeding thing to see how that went. Well she still would only eat for 10-15 minutes on the one side before falling asleep or hopping off. Boo. Being the paranoid new mother, I worried and worried and finally decided to take the recommendation of the lactation consultant and bring her in to the doctor for a weight check. As I said in my previous post, babies are supposed to re-gain their birthweight by 2 weeks old. That means that Kate has until next Monday to weight 8 lbs 3 oz. Well today, at one week (and a day) old, Little Moo weighed 8 lbs 11 oz! Holy eater, Batman! I guess I can stop worrying about her quick feedings and just feel blessed that my babe is so efficient.

Ok, chubby cheeks aside - let me tell you about our day. As I said, we went to the doc this morning. She went from content to starving in 2 minutes flat on the carride home, so by the time we got in the door she was very upset with me that I hadn't fed her yet. She was in such a tizzy that the boob didn't even help satisfy her and she kept latching on and then falling off and crying, then latching on again...it took quite a while to get her settled in. She finally did and ate for her 15 minutes. Afterward she was wide awake, so I put her in the swing by me. Aaand she spit up. Not just a little spit-up either, oh no. It flowed down her face, onto her chest, into the swing. Lovely. So K came and took her to clean her up and I cleaned up the swing. Afterwards, K took her in the bouncy seat in the office with him.

About 5 minutes later I hear "Oh no!" I go in....she did it again. Lovely. Seems that all that air she gulped while crying/eating was getting the better of us. So we got her and the bouncy seat cleaned up (luckily there was barely any on the bouncy seat). Once she was all settled down and clean, we put her back in the bouncy and she slept for a good 2 hours.

When she started getting fidgety, K says "How bout you feed her before she cries so we don't do all that over again." Good idea. So he picks her up to change her and says, "Oh no!" Our first blowout. The kid had poop up her back, down her side, in her belly button (which is going cordless these days - yay!). Oh man. So AGAIN we changed her, cleaned her up best we could and I fed her. Needless to say, she got a very detailed bath as soon as she was done eating and is now cleaner than she's ever been. :) Oy, what a day. And it's still only 4:00.


lady gray said...

hahaha! well done Bee and K. you are Parent Warriors! :)

Shell said...

I'm so happy BF is going so well. I would be stoked if my baby only feeds for 10-15min. The books I read say 30-45min feedings. But your little moo seems to be doing great.

It's so great you can blog about her first blow out. I'm sure one day your going to re-read that and crack up. Congrats Bee

Eclipsed said...

Projectile poop and spit up...that sounds about right. The spit up smells so nasty. It came out of Isabella's nose last night. Ewwww

Mrs.Andreazza said...

lol, I love hearing all the new baby stories!!