Friday, July 24, 2009

PP Survey and pictures

The After-baby Survey (almost 3 weeks post partum)

How far along were you when you had your baby? 39 weeks, 2 days

How long was labor? 16 hours (although it really didn't seem like that long and I could have been done in 13 if the doctor was on time...)

Total weight gain: 35 pounds

Total weight loss since: 28 pounds.

Back into your own clothes yet? Yes, some of them! Woohoo!

Did you get stretch marks? No, thank goodness

Did you deliver vaginally or by c-section? Vaginally

Best moment this week: Hearing Kate giggle in her sleep. :) So cute, I can't wait until she's smiling and laughing socially.

What I miss about being pregnant: Having her with me all the time (without giving up the use of my arms), feeling her move.

How big is baby: At her 2 week check-up she was 9 lbs 2 oz.

Baby's temperament? She's a good girl. So far (knock on wood) she doesn't fuss too much and pretty much all fussing can be stopped with food or a snuggle. Especially snuggles from her daddy.

What I am looking forward to: being able to make her smile

Alright, here are some pictures just for fun:

Her second bath (since I slacked and didn't take pictures of the first one):

Mohawk baby:
Some school friends stopped by to visit:
In her sling:


Rsgrl said...

So cute!! I love the mowhawk! Congrats on the weight loss - I bet that feels great.

Bcbscorp said...

Sounds like things are going great thus far and you've got quite the cutey on your hands there!!!