Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our schedule...

I feel like Kate and I are finally settling into a somewhat predictable routine. It's really nice and I enjoy our days together. Now that I say this she will probably switch it all up on me....but that's just how it goes. Here is our typical day together:

7:30-745 - Up for the day, eats
7:45-8:15 - Chat with mommy while in her bouncy so I can eat breakfast
8:15-8:30 - Walk, cuddle, fuss until falls asleep for nap
8:30-9:15 - Nap in bouncy
9:15-9:30 - Chat and get dressed

9:30-9:45 - Eats
9:45-10:00 - Read a book
10:00-10:45 - Play (playmat, bumbo, or mommy's lap) or go out for walk
10:45-11:00 - Swing until asleep
11:00-2:30 - Nap (sometimes she will wake up partway through to eat)

2:30-2:45 - Wakes up, eats
2:45-3:30 - Play (playmat, bumbo, or mommy's lap)
3:30-3:45 - Walk, cuddle, fusses to sleep
3:45-5:00 - Nap in swing or on couch

5:00-5:15 - Wakes up, gets medicine, eats
5:15-5:45 - Play (playmat, bumbo, or mommy's lap) until daddy gets home
5:45-6:30 - Time with daddy, then in swing while we eat
6:30-7:00 - Nap

7:00-7:30 - Bath, lotion, pajamas (every third night, otherwise time with mommy and daddy)
7:30-7:45 - Eat
7:45-8:00 - Cuddle and rock with daddy
8:00-8:30 - In bed, puts herself to sleep (sometimes we have to go in and give her paci back to her)

8:30-7:30 - Sleep before we start it all over again

Here's a video of my baby smiling (it's off-center because I had to sneakily turn the camera on, otherwise she just stares at it very seriously...as she does a couple times in this video anyway):


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a great schedule...I love all the naps! :)

Rsgrl said...

Wow - she's sleeping great! Is she STTN? Beckett only takes three or four short (45 minutes max) naps during the day.

*Bee* said...

Yes, she's sttn. I kiss her extra every morning for it. :)

Eclipsed said...

Tell me how you did this and I will be your slave forever!

Mrs.F said...

Wow she sleeps from 8:30pm until 7:30am?!?! Lucky you. I thought we had it good with Gianna sleeping from 10:30pm-6:00am.
She is such a cutie!

Mrs.Andreazza said...

Such a cute video!!! She is just adorable. Sounds like a great schedule you got there too!

Hua said...

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prashant said...

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